Friday Feeling!

Ahhh Friday! The feeling of freedom as you fist pump the air knowing you have 2 play days coming up where you don’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else but yourself (maybe not if you’ve got kids!). And you so deserve it after running around like a headless chicken all week worrying about deadlines, berated bosses, customers or clients, competitive colleagues or whether you’ve still got a job come Monday morning.

As you begin to release all of the week’s stresses and strains, loosen your tie or waistband (if you’ve eaten calorie laden lunches all week) you start to plan ahead starting with Friday night drinks! Hell yeah… A glass or 2 of chilled Pinot will kick start the weekend just nicely thank you! And so just like a Vegas illusionist you conceal all of the week’s stress as you bask in that wonderful Friday Feeling…bliss. Then just like an eagle silently and skillfully swooping down on its unsuspecting prey, Saturday morning happens…the guilt creeps in alongside the slight Pinot induced headache from the night before…what about all those things you didn’t get round to doing? What about the things you forgot to do? What about the promises you failed to fulfill? Oh and there’s the chocolate bars, all 5 of them…every afternoon to combat exhaustion and sheer boredom! I need, no I must go to the gym and eat healthier you say..I wish I could fit it in this weekend along with all the other things I must do. I’ve got a good idea…I’ll start on Monday!

And so the Friday Feeling lasts…well…all of, if not half of Friday! Repeat this approximately 48 times and congratulations you’ve made it through another year!

What if I told you there are 5 easy to understand steps you can follow daily to ensure a Friday feeling EVERY day of the week?

No I’m not insane (yet…) I’ve tried and tested these life hacks and they work! All you need is a brain, a notepad and pen, 10mins either end of the day and 5-10 mins at lunchtime. Give this a go for 1 week and you’ll feel the difference. Keep it going for 4 weeks and you’ll never look back.

Accept right now that you matter and make the decision to look after yourself not just physically but emotionally too. Take responsibility for taking care of you first and doing what is necessary to follow through with this. Self care is top priority…Make this your new mantra!

Download your free PDF guide to getting that Friday feeling EVERY day of the week HERE

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