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I came in contact with Bob James in a digital workshop where he made all the participants open up for another level of consciousness and touch a more profound ”inner/emotional intelligence” really. His passion for music, mindset, and wellbeing was just beautifully expressed and the focus of our 7 hour-long session. No one was left unmoved, I can tell you that – although we all had different backgrounds, cultures, and levels of expertise. But whether you are in the music industry or not, you will be forever changed by Bob’s unique combination of professionalism, personality, experience, way of connecting with another human being, way of motivating and giving you the tools that you need to change your life. Needless to say, I strongly recommend Bob James

Ruxandra B

I want to say thank you to Bob James for such an instructive, phenomenally delivered lecture on mindful well-being, positive mentality Music Industry law & copyright. Even wishing us all to, “Be great, be authentic and follow your heart”. Beautiful and inspiring.

Cibele Alvarenga

Bob is not only a font of knowledge for all things music business-related, but he is also a truly inspiring speaker, much loved by The Songwriting Academy students. He combines real-life business advice seamlessly with mindfulness and wellbeing, leaving his audiences not only well informed, but confident in themselves, empowered and determined to reach their goals. To affect people in this way is a gift.

Martin Sutton - Owner TSA

Having a great mentor is like a finely tuned personal trainer, Google & Alexa all rolled into one. Bob is all these things but much much better. As someone who has been there and done it, he not only understands the often unpredictable journey, pitfalls and mindset required on the road to success. He has also guided and worked with many talented creatives to reach their potential. Even Google and Alexa sometimes get it wrong, or send you somewhere you don’t want to be. Bob, on the other hand, has been spot on each time.

Mikey W

I recently had a mentoring session with Bob James and within just one hour I found the session very helpful. Bob is really easy to chat to and really knows his stuff, he asked some important questions to help me grow as an artist and what I need to do next! If you’re an independent artist I would definitely get in touch.

Claire R

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